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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


Massage THerapy as a Part of your Treatment plan

As a practicing massage therapist I am a firm believer in the benefits and therapeutic effects of massage therapy. I know first hand how massage can be an important part of a comprehensive health care plan. Massage is a wonderful way to promote circulation, calm the nervous system, promote lymph flow, boost the immune system, and promote sleep. It is wonderful way to cut the stress and deal with any muscular aches, pains and injuries. By its nature it is a wonderful complement to acupuncture.

There are times when massage or body work is needed as part of your treatment plan. With over ten years of body work experience I draw from a variety of styles and techniques based and use them based on your individual needs and concerns. This may include Chinese tui na, deep tissues techniques, or myofascial release. 

At Nourishing Energy I am very pleased to be able to offer massage therapy as an addition to your total healthcare plan. Conveniently located in the Denver Highlands it can easily be integrated into anyone’s self care regiment.


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