Free Infant Tuina Protocol

Infant tuina.png

Massage is a great way to bond with your baby and to also positively impact their health. Infant massage has been shown to boost immune function, foster healthy weight gain, calm the nervous system and promote healthy sleep. Chinese Tuina (massage) can be used in more specific ways to treat and prevent a wide variety of health problems like colic, fever, and cough. 

Here is a free general health protocol that you can make a part of your daily routine.

Start with baby laying on the floor or in your lap. Once everyone is comfortable start the massage at the top of the head. We will be working our way down the body and from the front to the back.

Gently using small circles massage the scalp. Think in three lines, one near the center, the next a little further out and the last around then ears. Once you have worked on the scalp use one finger or your thumbs to massage Yin Tang or the third eye (between the eyebrows).  Next, use your thumbs to gently brush over the eyebrows.

Next move to the torso. First gently massage in small clockwise circles at the sternum, breast bone. Next move a little lower to just above the navel. Finally, you will do large circles around the navel around the whole belly. Remember clockwise promotes digestion, esp good for constipation and gas. Feel free to do some counter clockwise but try to always end with clockwise. I like to end with some strokes down both sides of the belly.

Now go up to the arms. Starting at the shoulders massage each joint, gripping the doing between your fingers and making small circles. Once you have done each joint massage the whole arm, kneading the little delicious rolls. On the forearm spend some time massaging the points just above the wrist on the front and the back of the arms. Now, if your baby is big enough massage the palms of the hands and each finger. Repeat the process on the other arm.  Finish with some arm stretches, one up and one down and then going across the body.

Move down to the legs. The same process is used for the legs. Massage each joint starting at the hips. On the lower leg just below the knee spend time at the point St36. It is on the outside of the leg just below the knee. Move to the inside of the leg to just above the ankle to a point called SP6. Lastly spend time at the inside of the ankle, the bottom of the feet, instep and each tiny toe. Finish the legs with some stretching. One leg up while the other is down. Cross the body and easy hip circles.

The last part of the protocol is done with the baby on their belly. Once you have little one rolled over you are going to start at the tail bone and along both sides of the spine gently lift the skin and roll it forward slightly. Then move us and repeat this until you make your way all the way up the spine.