How the Home Microbiome Impacts Heath

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Hi all!

Most of the time I try to write my own blog posts to share, but sometime I run across something on the web that I would like to share. There is a blog and web page called The Wellness Mama that I really enjoy reading and recently I came across a post about the home microbiome that I really found informative and easy to read. So I thought I would share it this week.

I think that I have mentioned the microbiome in previous posts and those posts tend to talk more about nurturing it from a food perspective. This fun little read from Wellness Mama talks about how our environment impacts that same microbiome as well. What do you surround yourselves with, what do you clean with and how much do you clean, do you dig and play in the dirt, do you have a dog, are you exposed to pesticides or mold? All of these things affect your microbiome and thus your overall health and immune system. I personally have never been one of those mom’s who worries about keeping their kid clean all the time, 1. how exhausting an existence is that? BUT 2. I grew up with the saying, “God made dirt and dirt won’t hurt,” Turns out there may just be something to that.

Here is the link How the Home Microbiome Impacts Health

Give it a read and tell me what ya think.