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What your tongue is saying when you aren't even talking

You head into your acupuncture appointment, you are excited, optimistic, a little nervous and wondering what to expect. Your acupuncturist has you sit down and asks you a bunch of questions, explains a few things and then has you get comfortable on the table. They check you pulse and then they as you to stick your tongue out at them! You want me to do what?! That is right.....stick out your tongue please! Why would they want to do that?

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Prebiotics VS Probiotics

Let's talk about probiotics vs prebiotic. How are they different and is one more important than the other?

Let's start with prebiotics. I feel probiotics are probably the lesser known of the two. Probiotics have been talked a lot about in the media and probably by your doctors but probiotics are just as important. So what is a prebiotic?

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My Belly Made Me Do It

Did you know bad moods, stress, depression, or anxiety could be linked directly with how happy your gut is? Is your digestion just as unhappy and stressed as your mind? They just might be linked!

There is a lot of new, amazing research out in the world connecting our brains and our gut health. It is wild to think that what is going on in your belly can be directly affecting your mental health.

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