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Learning How to Relax. What is Sympathetic Overload?

Recently I have had the privilege of working with an increased number of people coming in with the diagnosis of “sympathetic overload.” And though Chinese medicine doesn’t often concern itself with a western medical diagnosis to treat a condition most people who come in with a problem are concerned with their diagnosis and what, as an acupuncturist, I can do to help them. So even though I know for a fact that acupuncture works on the nervous system I wasn’t super aware of this term sympathetic overload. So as with may of my blog post it starts as a need for information and then grows into a need to share information.

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Recipes for Dry Cough and Throat

I don't know about you but this winter has been super dry and causing me some grief. Not only have I had skin so dry and itchy that you could sand wood with it but also with a dry cough that sorta weasels its way into our house and meanders in and out in and out at all hours.

So to battle the dryness I decided to dig out one of my cook books. Cook book? How is a cookbook going to fight the dryness? Because my dears food is medicine!

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How the Home Microbiome Impacts Heath

Most of the time I try to write my own blog posts to share, but sometime I run across something on the web that I would like to share. There is a blog and web page called The Wellness Mama that I really enjoy reading and recently I came across a post about the home microbiome that I really found informative and easy to read. So I thought I would share it this week.

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Let's talk Kombucha

I wanted to talk about Kombucha. I love it! I just recently added some new tea to feed my own home brew and got to thinking that it might be a fun thing to write a blog post about. My scoby sits on my counter looking like some kind of space alien. It quietly sits in its jar eating the surgery tea and breathing outs its little microbial breath which I happily drink.

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Fire Cider

As a mother of a wild three year old who goes to daycare I am always on the lookout for a way to boost the immune system. I love her so much but she is a walking petri dish and wonderful little vector. Though my background is in Chinese herbs and there are lots of wonderful options I also have Appalachia in my blood and so I also like to look to folk medicine and eastern herbs.

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