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Nourishing Energy is proud to be an approved provider for the VA. It has been a personal dream of mine to be able to provide holistic care for the men and woman who have worked so hard for us.

Acupuncture can be a great option for treating the specific problems that can come with having served in the military. 

Chronic Pain-PTSD-Difficulty sleeping-anxiety-Post concussion recovery are just some of the problems that we can address.

Do you have more questions about acupuncture and if it is the right fit for you? Call and schedule a free consultation or come in for a free consultation and get all your questions answered. -720-295-4594-

acute and chronic pain relief


Research has shown that acupuncture releases adenosine and endorphins, which are the body's natural pain relievers. In addition to the release of these pain reliever is also triggers the release of cytokines and decreases our levels of cortisol which reduce the amount of inflammation in the body and reduce stress. Also it helps switch our bodies out of fight or flight mode and into heal and relax mode. Let us help get you out of pain and back to doing the things you love.

PTSD and anxiety

PTSD & Brain injury recovery

Our clinic specializes in treating and facilitating brain injury recovery as well as helping to manage the stresses and symptoms of PTSD. Employing a variety of techniques we address everything from sleep, gut health and cognitive function to help you better handle stresses that come with injury and aid in a faster recovery.  In addition acupuncture helps to regulate the parasympathetic nervous system, getting you out of fight-or-flight mode, and helps balance hormones, which is key to helping  manage anxieties and stresses.

veteran choice provider

Stress, Anxiety & depression

Research is now showing that inflammation, like with many diseases and health problems, is also a contributing factor in depression. Acupuncture has an antidepressant-like effect thought to be due to anti-inflammatory mediators in the brain. Acupuncture is proven to reduce stress and restore the HPA axis. By releases the body’s “feel good” hormones (endorphins) and slowing the body’s production of stress hormones treatment can foster a state of relaxation and tranquility.

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